We have repeatedly used the Remote Service kit during international remote trainings for the concrete demonstration of device components from the factory.
Training becomes more effective when remote learning can concretely show or control what is being done. Feedback from trainees has invariably been positive.

Markku Partanen, Technical Support Engineer
Normet Oy

With the remote system, we are able to support our dealers and customers at any moment and place.
Our technical specialist in the office can assist technicians in the field with quick root cause analysis to get the mining machines back to production as fast as possible.
The system also allows our experienced global specialists to assist local teams with a safe and secure performance of big machine maintenance and assembly.

Daan van Berkel, Mining Application Engineer
Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

Heavy Equipment

The cost savings that can be achieved through remote learning are significant. It is no longer necessary to travel and stay overnight in the place of training. All training events can also be recorded for later use. Another area we already apply ERS on is real-time communication between mechanics and technical support. The support person receives a video of the object and the installer has both hands free to do the work at all times. The entire on-site session can be forwarded to all parties from the importer to the manufacturer as needed. The recorded event, on the other hand, can benefit all mechanics in similar tasks around the world. For new inexperienced installers, the system also offers significant help.

Juha Merta, KAO
technology and transport

Natural Resources
Project Motohead,
forest machine driver training

The aim of the project is to acquire and implement simulators, various virtual applications and tools for the implementation of teaching, and to pilot their use in teaching. Of the simulators to be acquired, two are Ponsse forest machine simulators and three John Deere forest machine simulators. The purpose of the remote control tools is to reach students in the forest machine driver training, working for different companies. With the help of remote control, a student can be guided at work when the student’s situation requires it, regardless of the teacher’s whereabouts. Teaching through remote control enables students working at various dispersed locations to be appropriately guided in their on-the-job learning. Tablets, AR/VR glasses and mobile phones serve as remote control tools for students.

Osmo Manninen, Instructor