Versatile and easy to use

ERS Rooms is a versatile and easy-to-use video conferencing system that connects wirelessly. ERS Rooms offers all the great features of Zoom video conferencing, including HD video and audio, wireless content sharing, calendar integration with Office 365 or Google G-Suite. If necessary, the rooms can also be taken with Teams.

ERS Rooms with interactive touch screens also allow participants to collaborate in real time. If you have more than one screen, the system automatically places participants and meeting materials on their own screens.

The ERS Rooms complex is always optimized to suit every space. The rooms support two separate cameras and can be connected to up to seven microphones as well as a high-quality, system-wide speaker system. With an easy-to-use management tool, all your ERS Rooms can be managed remotely from one place – the cloud.

ERS Rooms is a more cost-effective entity than a traditional video conferencing system with similar features. In this way, you can equip even more meeting rooms with a high-quality and modern whole.

Zoom Room implementation in Edukain Aava

A hybrid training system implemented in a large space that can be attended on-site or completely remotely. Conversations of everyone in the room also belong to those involved remotely.

Prices with image composition from 11 300 € and in addition Zoom / Teams room license about 500 € / year. (VAT 0%)

Implementation of the Teams Room in the conference room of Kainuu Vocational College

A hybrid system implemented in a traditional conference room that can be attended on-site or completely remotely. All presentations are shared wirelessly.

Prices with image composition from 6 400 € and in addition Zoom / Teams room license about 500 € / year. (VAT 0%)

A genuine hybrid negotiation environment

  • Own screens for shared material and remote participants
  • High quality picture and sound
  • Wireless connection to the system for all users
  • Scalable from small rooms to large spaces
  • Options:
    • Touch screen
    • The camera following the character
    • Additional microphones