E-learning independent of location and distance

Training can be carried out in such a way that the students are, for example, from all over Europe and the teachers at their own office.

Travelling is time consuming and costs can be high. When using ERS ProEdu tools, training only takes the time actually spent on studying. Similarly, training events with exercises can be recorded and distributed to participants afterwards, which makes it easy to revise and reflect locally.

For example, hands-on exercises in vocational training can now also be given remotely and with high quality! The more the training requires hands-on learning, the better ERS ProEdu serves the user.

To best training experience with extended features

  • A professional level system for remote connection needs in business world, plus educational features
  • Devices are stand-alone remote devices with a custom user interface. Includes smart wearable devices such as RealWear HMT-1
  • Video conferencing software for separate remote connection to PC and mobile devices, at least 100 devices + streaming to YouTube, for example
  • Annotation (drawing in shared material) in a video conference with all devices and all participants simultaneously
  • Virtual groups in video conferencing
  • Remote support and control of Android, Apple and PC
  • Devices are stand-alone remote devices
  • Transfer of large files to all devices
  • Integration of client programs into devices
  • Student management
  • Virtual classes
  • Distribution of teaching materials
  • Allocation and verification of tests and tasks
  • Optional programs for editing and viewing 3D models
  • Defining a teacher’s workstation
  •  Training
    • Mapping customer needs and presenting options – remote workshop, 1 day
    • Installations on customer’s equipment together with customer’s IT experts – remote workshop, 2 days
      or delivery of ready-made equipment to the customer
    • Student systems for experts – remote workshops, 2 days
    • Deployment training for staff – remote workshop, 1 day.
      Training of all staff also possible