Pro-level tools for field support and all training

Using certain devices (e.g. RealWear HMT-1), technical support always sees the same view as the mechanic. At the same time, the mechanic has both hands free for the actual work. In this way, measurements and other operations can be performed so that, for example, the display of a multimeter or a thermal camera is also directly visible on the technical support screen.

We think it is important that the professional performing the task can fully focus on their work, and no time is spent on tuning in to remote programs and devices. Therefore, ERS Pro provides remote tools for remote control and adjustment of all ERS devices. We achieve a situation where the professional only turns on the ERS device and continues working – the remote connection is built by the person instructing the professional.

In addition, direct remote connection to modern machines and testers can often be established at system level. This means that the diagnostics, updates and necessary adjustments of the machine control system can be made remotely as easily as being physically at the machine.

A professional system for remote connections in business world

  • Devices are stand-alone remote devices with a custom user interface.
  • Includes smart wearable devices such as RealWear HMT-1
  • Video conferencing software for separate remote connection to PC and mobile devices, at least 100 devices + streaming to YouTube, for example
  • Annotation (drawing in shared material) in a video conference with all devices and all participants simultaneously
  • Virtual groups and pre-made surveys in a video conference
  • Remote support and control of Android, Apple and PC devices for separate remote devices
  • Transfer of large files to all devices
  • Integration of client programs into devices
  • Optional programs for editing and viewing 3 D models
  • Equipping trainer workstations
  • Training
    • Mapping customer needs and presenting options – remote workshop, 1 day
    • Installations the customer’s equipment together with customer’s IT experts  – remote workshop, 2 days
      or delivery of finished equipment to the customer
    • Staff deployment training – remote workshop, 1 day