Quick help in emergency situation

Using the ERS Active system allows for a quick response in the event of problems on worksite. A video conference between a mechanic and technical support can quickly be extended to involve the spare parts, logistics and warranty department, or even a manufacturer’s representative.

The devices are not personal, but independent tools with a simple and easy to use interface and functional connections!

ERS Active. An active level system for remote connections in the corporate world

  • The devices are stand-alone mobile remote devices with an Edukai Remote Services interface
  • Video conferencing software for PC and mobile devices
  • Annotation of the material presented on the performer’s device (drawing)
  • Remote control for Android devices
  • Transferring of large files
  • Training
    • Mapping customer needs and presenting options –  remote workshop, 1 day
    • Deployment Installation and Training – remote workshop, 1 day