Remote connections take business to a new level

Edukai Oy remote service business is based on the 2.5-year project “Training for export product in Kainuu”, better known as “Hattrick”. The continuation of this successful project was Edukai Remote Services, which continues to develop methods and practices as well as sales and marketing to customers in various industries.

ERS Customer Process

The Edukai Remote Services customer process helps you find just the right solutions for your needs. We are able to effectively combine the desired remote software and various devices into an easy-to-operate, customer-looking entity. This saves our customers’ resources for the actual core business.

Technical support

Technical online support is accessible to where it is needed in real time. For example, a mechanic who is at a machine in the field can always get online support, support material and other related information from his own organization. Material can also be sent live in the other direction, from the machine to technical support. Using certain devices, the technical support always sees the same as the mechanic, and the display of, say, a multimeter or a thermal camera can simultaneously be shown on the technical support screen. With modern machines or testers, a direct remote connection can be established, so that the diagnostics of the machine and necessary adjustments can be made remotely as easily as physically at the machine.

Training and evaluation

The training can be implemented anywhere in the world. The teacher could be for example in Finland, but students are all over Europe, bringing considerable savings from travel, accommodation and working hours alone. The training events with their practical exercises can be recorded and distributed to the participants afterwards. It is no longer necessary to fly and stay for a week for training, and make time-consuming travel arrangements beforehand.

Evaluating a competence demonstration remotely is especially effective. Since multiple cameras can be used to capture one demonstration and the entire event recorded, the end result is very high quality.