Do you want new efficiency in your business?

Do travel restrictions make your business more difficult? Do you spend too much time on travelling anyway? Want to support multiple teams globally at the same time? Contact us, we will give you a remote service solution that is just right for you!

What is Edukai Remote Services Service description
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We want to help you in remote connectivity challenges

We are convinced that our remote services will make the operations of modern companies and schools more efficient and streamlined, also bringing cost savings. Together with our customers, we offer a customizable individual solution that enables the customer to take control of the remote systems and utilize them in their core business in the most efficient way possible.

In other words, we don’t sell fish, we teach our customers to fish!


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality allow, for example, a mechanic to receive comprehensive real-time guidance from technical support, even from the other side of the globe. Distance loses its meaning.

The following companies participated in the development of the systems